This post walks you through the reanalysis of a meta-analysis with extremely large effect sizes.

My unspectactular experience updating R to 4.0.0

How to set up the three-level structure for meta-analyses using the R package metafor.

A very short primer on the d-family and pretest-posttest-control (PPC) designs for calculating standardized mean differences.

This post walks you through the problem of effect size dependency and provides a solution with R code.

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Symposium for Meta-analyses, meta-meta-analyses, and meta-research in individual differences research!

SIPS 2019 is an action-oriented meeting, serving our mission to improve psychological science. There will be no symposia or keynote …

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Aim of this study was to describe the real demand for ambulant psychotherapy in Austria. Utilizing estimation models we predicted the …

Although irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is highly prevalent and is accompanied by high costs for respective healthcare systems, the …